Facing Janus 1

Facing Janus

(250,268 words, more or less)

Part One

Jenrose, Dawson Rambo, Sarah Kiley, Ashlle, Sunny, Ellen R


Chapter 1: Entrance of the GladiatorsChapter 2: AirplaneChapter 3: DreamsChapter 4: Morning of the NightChapter 5: Twilight Time


Chapter 6: Descendons EnsembleChapter 7: Ordinary TownChapter 8: ArdasChapter 9: In TructinaChapter 10: One Week

Part one notes

Part Two


Chapter 11: Danse Macabre Chapter 12: Where Even the Darkness is Something to SeeChapter 13: Night, With Her Train of Stars

 Chapter 14: Shadows of EvangelineChapter 15: Night Vision Chapter 16: On the Rise • Chapter 17: Us and Them • Chapter 18: Lullaby

Part Three


Chapter 19: The Great Unknown Chapter 20: Benedictus, Mrs. Robinson • Chapter 21: Everyday Chapter 22: Child, Be Still in the Storm

Chapter 23: Sonata and Serenade Chapter 24: Archetype Café Chapter 25: Jonas and Ezekiel Chapter 26: Glorious

Chapter 27: Firebird
Chapter 28: Calling All Angels Chapter 29: Hallelujah

An alternate universe set in Season 5 of The X-files after the Red and the Black. Technically a post-episode story for Emily.What would have happened if Mulder and Scully had pursued the leads they found in Emily? Very Mytharc. Includes the Lone Gunmen, Skinner, Krycek (God help me) and lots and lots of other people.  Archives, point here please, I  prefer to keep it where I can edit it.

NC-17 for sex, booze, language, and rock n roll. Okay, just for the sex and language. They don't get *that* drunk.

This story was begun in 1997 as a group project. It spun out of control and seemingly died after 5 chapters, in the spring of 1998. I picked it up in August, 2008, after seeing the new movie, and it has been controlling my life ever since. The story is no longer a work in progress, although I make no guarantees one way or another about epilogues, vigniettes and shorts set it the same universe. Go ahead. Read it. You know you want to.

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Note: These characters do not belong to me. Mulder, Scully, The X-files, etc. belong to Chris Carter, Fox, et. al.