This story takes place immediately after the last scene of Memento Mori, and attempts to answer the question, "What the hell was Mulder doing with those eggs????"

This is the only civilized explanation which comes even remotely close to working for me.

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This is an idea that I had right around the time I started Facing Janus. It got swept to the side by that major project.


"You know, don't you, that you may be holding her only chance at fertility in your hands." Byers' soft words jolted Mulder visably.

"She assumes that the treatments will make her infertile..."

He looked down at the vial he'd taken from his pocket. When he'd placed it there, the cold had been intense, numbing him. He hadn't noticed when it faded. There was still a chill to the vial, but it had warmed, the white substance inside now moved as the vial moved.

"It's not frozen anymore. Do you think the eggs are still viable?"

Langly sat down at one of the many computers scattered around the room. His fingers flew over the keys as he queried search engines, searching for information.

Mulder came around and looked at the screen. "Cyropreservation of cow embryos?" he said incredulously.

Langly laughed. "Veterenary medicine tends to be about five to ten years ahead of what is available to the general human population through fertility clinics. And I thought you'd probably want to avoid fertility clinics, given their, uh, questionable affiliations with the Consortium." He looked up at Mulder through his thick glasses.

Mulder nodded vigorously.

He scrolled down to a phone number on the screen. "I think I know someone who can help us."


"Hey Angie! Langly here!"
"Yeah... I know it's been a while...You still doing the vet stuff?"
"How'd I get your number? You know me Ang..."
"Wait.. hang on.. I've got a project I think you'll be interested in."
"No, I'm not married."
"No, I'm not stalking you."
"Dinner? Sure.. but can you answer me a sort of hypothetical question?"
"Not hypothetical at all, actually... but very, very strange.."

"If someone had frozen human ova, and they accidentally got thawed, could they be refrozen?"
"Shit. Is there any way of preserving them?"
Langly gestured for a pen, and began taking notes.
"Okay, so here's the big question... Can you do that?"
"No, not hypothetically."
"Dinner will be *very* nice, I promise."
"We're on our way."
He scribbled out an address on the paper. Byers looked at it and began throwing equipment back into the packs.

As he did so, Mulder held up the vial to the dim lightbulb hanging from
the ceiling. The liquid was opaque, and water was condensing on the
glass. <Please, let this work.>

They go, and arrive at the lab within an hour, with the vial in a thermos of ice water.

The friend takes the vial, and immediately puts it in a centerfuge, then takes the core out of the centerfuge, and places something from it in the middle of a medium in a petri dish. She then places the dish under a microscope designed for the purpose, and searches the disturbed surface in the middle of the dish systematically. She finds that there are about a dozen eggs, several of them visibly damaged (cell walls ruptured). They appear to her to be about two days from maturation.

She explains the options.

"Okay, there seem to be about dozen eggs. I'm guessing that a third to a half of them aren't viable. They're all about two days from maturation. We can't refreeze them now, we'd lose the whole batch. However, if they are fertilized, we can freeze the resulting embryos easily." She stopped for a moment. "I can handle it all here, except for one part. We'll need donor human sperm, as all I have here comes from very highly regarded bulls."

The Lone Gunmen turned in unison to Mulder, who paled visibly.

Frohike laughed at his expression, "I'd volunteer, Mulder, but I don't think Agent Scully wants to bear my children."

"Come on Mulder, make the sacrifice!" Langly grinned at him.

"But..." Mulder hesitated. "What if she doesn't want..."

Byers stopped him. "Look at it this way, Mulder. If you and she ever end up together, she won't mind a bit. If she ends up with someone else, you tell her about the embryos, and say that you used sperm from an anonymous donor. Even if she figures it out, she'll understand. And if..." Byers voice dropped, softening, "If she doesn't make it, it's a moot point."

"Okay. Here's the plan. We have two days until the eggs mature.
That'll be Thursday. I'll need the sperm Wednesday afternoon, and I'll do the procedure the next morning as soon as the eggs have matured." She turned to look at Mulder, a wry smile on her face. "Mulder? We don't have the same... ah... *facilities* as human fertility clinics, so you'll... have to bring your own materials."
Frohike made a strangled choking sound, then gave up the attempt and burst into a fit of giggling(laughter?). Byers and Langley rolled their eyes in unison. Angie looked from one to the other, confused.
"Mulder has a... rather extensive collection of such materials," Langley said with a grin.

Mulder provides the sample, while looking at a magazine, but does not pay much attention to what's on the page in front of him. Images of Scully flash through his head, and he forces himself to remember not the pale, ill Scully he's just seen, but the Scully he saw in the Pilot with her robe dropped...

Back in the lab, they all watch on the monitor as Mulder's sperm is carefully injected into each of the 8 eggs which have made it to maturity. Langly makes some snide comment about the motility of Mulder's sperm, to be silenced by a look that could kill from Mulder and a retort from Byers about the "dignity of the moment."

Angie tells them that it's just a matter of time, letting them get to the 8 cell stage, and then freezing the surviving embryos. She tells them they can go, the LGM leave, Langly asking Angie to come share a pizza with them. She walks out with them for a minute, leaving Mulder still staring at the screen. Angie walks back in to take care of things and lock up, sees him looking, and asks him what he's thinking about, looking at his potential future children.

He answers that he's just wondering how long it will be until those eggs have a chance, if they will have a chance....

She tells him that she'll call him when they know how many have fertilized, that in the meantime he needs to make arrangements for storage.

Mulder leaves with the LGM, asking if they know where to find a small cyropreservation unit. Frohike 'fesses up to the fact that he has one already, which he got for the express purpose of having his head frozen in the event of his death. Turns out to be not terribly useful as he couldn't find anyone willing to chop off his head and maintain the storage after his death, and also, realizing that the available techniques for brain tissue preservation would make the exercise simply a prolonged way of making his dead brains turn to jello. <and they're not already?> Being the packrat he is, he couldn't just throw the unit away or sell it, but he'd be happy to donate it for such a worthy cause.

Byers asks where Mulder wants to store the embryos, given the fact that he can't even keep goldfish alive. They come up with something, {I havent' yet} and start making calls. Their goal is to find someone trustworthy, where deliveries of fresh liquid nitrogen would not be noticed. They want as little attention as possible to this.


A couple of days later, they return to the university, supercooler in tow, and Angie shows them the developing eggs. 4 have made it to the 8 cell stage. Another 2 have 4 cells each. One has only two cells, and the last didn't divide at all. All in all a very good result, much better than expected. (It would be normal for 1 to be a 8 cell, 2 or 3 to have 4 cells, and for the rest to be 2 cells or no development at all.) They decide to freeze the six that have 4 cells or more. She uses her pipettes to separate the eggs and prepare them for storage, inserting them into a glycol and nutrient contaioing medium, and freezing them too rapidly for ice crystals to form. Each goes into it's own vial, and the vials are in a circular device which Angie then lowers into a clamp inside a small "thermos" like device, which in turn fits inside the cooler they've provided. They take it to the pre-arranged long-term storage place.

Character notes:
Angie Haldess

Age: 30 ish, 'bout the same age as Langly.

Background: attended college with Langly, until he dropped out to pursue his other interests, namely, hacking and gaming.

Currently a veterinary lab technician, working at a research facility in Philadelphia.

Personality: She likes Langly, doesn't take him very seriously, takes her work quite seriously, and has a playful sense of humor. Very business like in general, and extremely competent. She's really more Byer's type....

Appearance: Straight, longish medium brown hair, braided. No makeup, doens't need it. Not "gorgeous", but beautiful in that she isn't really aware of her looks at all, and wears her face honestly. Light brown eyes.


Langly calls Angie Haldess, an old girlfriend, and after brief banter, outlines the problem. Angie is now working at a lab which specializes in high-tech animal husbandry.

Angie hears their dilemma, tells them to put the vial in a cooler, with ice, but not in direct contact with the ice, and to come immediately to her lab, which is located just outside Philly. (about an hour drive from allentown).


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